Testimonials of founders, owners, executives:

The experts of the Turningpoint team made an excellent job at establishing a fundementally new management attitude and management sub-system in our company group. This 16-month-long complex change process was running in 8 countries at the same time and it was very important for our company life and operation. We received several unique, new and practical solutions that were fully customized for us.The organizational pilot became a member of our team and with his leadership we implemented these solutions including the smallest details. We are fully satisfied with their work by which we achieved significant economic benefits. We have complete confidence in Turningpoint and their colleagues and we are happy to answer your questions concerning their work. Laszlo Lipovits owner, CEO, Rabalux Kft.

” I am thankful to the Turningpoint team, to make us see the organizational operation of our company from an unknown angle, and to improve the future operational effectiveness with this. The used techniques, the preparedness of the colleagues, and the attitude towards the project were outstanding. We count upon Turningpoint in the future, and plan long term cooperation with them.”
Viktoria Varga CEO, ifm electronic Kft.

“Outgrowing our business-organizational operation, which was continuously refined but fundamentally unchanged in the last 16 years, we decided radical changes. With the operative participation of Turningpoint experts, and based on predefined business expectations we completely changed our company. We launched a new growth path, changed our corporate culture, established a learning organization, which increased the business performance and market value of our company to a great extent. I am completely satisfied with Turningpoint experts and plan long term, continuous cooperation with them.”
Sandor Vekerdi owner, Chairman and CEO, Budafer Zrt.

”It was extremely useful and progressive the ‘common thinking’, the Turningpoint expert organized and carried out with us. They highlighted the reserves of the management. As a result, we hope to work more effectively and dynamically in the future. Every management team needs maintenance, it is important to invest energy and time for the development.”
GE Healthcare Hungary Technology Leadership Team

”Every company makes changes, improvements, which trickle along, but you can make quicker and better results with a catalyst. For our company the Turningpoint expert was this catalyst.”
Gyorgy Fabo owner, Chairman and CEO, Ramiris Rubin Zrt.

”It was good to cooperate with Turningpoint professionals. They handled us as partners throughout the consulting phases, did not rigidly try to force their previous experience, but presented alternative solutions based on our expectations, which made it possible to select the adequate direction for BIGPRINT HUNGARY with regards to the development of the organizational culture.”
Zoltan Zavacki owner, CEO, BIGPRINT HUNGARY Kft.

Sustaining an organization is a great challenge nowadays and it’s an even greater opportunity to also achieve growth. With the contribution of the Turningpoint team, we became aware of the values that we want to have in our grown up organization. We also realized how to shape and fine-tune our operation so that we can deal with the increased amount of tasks in a faster, easier and more precise way. We received state-of-the-art, reliable and practical support through methods that were inspirational and tailor-made to our organization and current situation. It was worth the amount of time and energy we spent on it. We are looking forward to continue the work with them, and we also encourage others to cooperate with the Turningpoint team.
Krisztina Győry founder, Creative Space Non-profit Ltd. president, Egyesek Youth Association

”The problem is not having issues in a company but failing to notice and to handle them accordingly. The biggest risk often derives from the internal neglected areas, not from the competitors. It is not a shame to ask help solving the problems, since these solutions make the company more successful and effective. We thank this help for Turningpoint experts.”
Tamas Toth owner, CEO, Opten Informatikai Kft.