Our Services

Components of our Turningpoint service package:

  • Assessment of organizational lifecycle position, normal ad abnormal problems (two day moderated workshop).
  • Implementation of fundamental, practical changes needed in the organization to reach Prime (delegating Organizational Pilot for 3-18 months).
  • Assistance to internal change agent (providing workshops, trainings, coaching, presentations)

Our Turningpoint comprehensive service package is to effectively assist our clients’ organizational navigation into Prime. It enables the organizations to:

  • rapidly implement fundamental systematic, process and performance improvements in a co-operative way,
  • make the transition from entrepreneurship to professional management,
  • align their vision, strategy, structure, processes, stakeholders,
  • find the optimal balance between control and flexibility,
  • regain entrepreneurial vitality.

Organizations that deploy Turningpoint usually do so to address some or all of the following symptoms:

  • unclear vision, mission, and strategy,
  • one person show,
  • lack of delegation,
  • missing information for quality decision making,
  • slow decision making,
  • little or no accountability,
  • confusion of roles and responsibilities,
  • unclear priorities because everything is a priority,
  • slow to bring new products to market,
  • disengaged workforce,
  • low moral and productivity,
  • difficulty in managing conflicts,
  • loss of market share in core markets,
  • declining revenue,
  • problems managing growth.

If you are interested, please contact us for details.