Warning signs

Approaching Turningpoint the founders, owners, leaders feel like this:

  • I find it difficult to delegate because it usually results in chaos and confusion,
  • I am at the mercy of those colleagues who work at a special field or work for me long time,
  • I do not receive enough quality information to evaluate performances,
  • there is nobody who could warn me for external-internal risks,
  • it is difficult to find the responsible person in case of problems, people are pointing to each other,
  • my (middle) managers do not feel what decisions they should make at a given situation,
  • we have difficulties to fulfill sales promises,
  • my colleagues do not understand or do not follow my requests as I tell them,
  • business results are usually behind plans,
  • the organizational moral is not too good,
  • my colleagues are slow, unable to decide and inefficient,
  • my (middle) managers set up time-consuming meetings,
  • it takes much more for my colleagues to fulfill a task than it could be done,
  • my colleagues look for me with everything, I have to do almost everything still nowadays,
  • I can not always give the task those who could be the best in it, but those who have time for it,
  • almost everything is subordinated to the revenue,
  • compensation depends on individual agreements,
  • the more is better theory is in effect,
  • our business plan is generally finalized during the first months of the given year,

In advanced case:

  • those who have formal and informal control of the company’s decision-making process suffered critical loss of mutual respect and trust,
  • our revenue is started to decline,
  • there is significant client dissatisfaction and/or market perception destruction.