Turningpoint for women

Dear Madam,

We developed our Female Turningpoint solution package for those women, who:

  • would not like to choose between professional career and childbearing,
  • would not like to start building their professional career from the beginning,
  • have invested a lot to get to their present position,
  • aim to continue their professional career for long term,
  • are not completely sure they could return to their present position after spending time with the baby at home,
  • think it difficult to get a similar position elsewhere with baby.

We offer a possible solution for you and for your employer, in which we:

  • secure your position and provide temporary support to accomplish your tasks,
  • keep you up-to-date about your workplace,
  • take over the risks of the natural uncertainties of the situation (like when and how exactly do you return to work, etc.),

The concrete solution and the conditions of the co-operation are negotiated in person.

Contact people:

Szilvia Fodor

+36 20 9781722

dr. Istvan Siman

+36 30 9849034