About Us


My name is Istvan Siman, I am one of the developers and the leader of Turningpoint service package. First of all, thank you very much for your time devoted to visit our homepage.

Together with my colleagues, we focus on two matters:

  • on one hand, we would like to increase the market awareness a lot about features, normal and critical problems and natural difficulties of the given stages of the industry independent organizational lifecycle curve among the interested parties (founders, owners, executives). It is extremely important at the difficult interim phase between stages GO-GO and Adolescence, called Turningpoint, where the so far extremely successful operating mode – without radical changes – crabs further growth. The organization will be successful or enrich with a failure depending decisively on the extent and timing as the leadership addresses the unique growth challenges at the lifecycle stages,
  • on the other hand, enjoying the confidence of our clients, and aligning our expert knowledge and experience, we would like to practically assist them to effectively navigate through the unavoidable difficulties to the optimal lifecycle stage, to Prime. Based on our experience it can be materialized in long term business partnerships.

I am personally convinced, that our goals and activities serve the long term interest of all stakeholders (owners, employees, investors, suppliers, customers) of the organizations. I would be more than happy to assist you with my qualified colleagues who have at least ten year leadership experience.

I hope you can find useful information at our homepage, we would appreciate any feedback and suggestion.

Yours sincerely,

dr. Istvan Siman
Organizational Pilot
+36 30 9849034