Lectures for auditors about the Turningpoint-method

Financial auditors often see companies that have a successful track record, but their growth stopped for some reasons. The executive officer is overloaded, expectations towards the employees are unclear, customers are more and more dissatisfied and business results have large uncertainty. After a while revenue also starts falling.

Financial auditors are also affected as these significantly influence the business risks, the capability to continue the business and the corporate market value.

Besides the effects of the crisis, what are the underlying causes? What can be done about this?  What are the major pitfalls? The Chamber of Hungarian Financial Auditors and the Turningpoint are organizing lectures for financial auditors about these topics and their possible solutions. The goal is to make the financial auditors capable to identify the organizational causes of these negative symptoms when they do not or do not significantly appear in the numbers. The solution itself is industry-independent and also contains a check list. The title of the lecture is: Avoiding Organizational Traps – for Financial Auditors.

For further information you can contact the county chamber of financial auditors or Turningpoint at info@turningpoint.hu.

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